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Do you want to train your dog as breeding was intended? These courses cover all aspects of skills required by the Kennel Club in their Working Gun Dog Certificate. These skills can also be assessed, although not essential. 

Therefore, if you wish a well-trained, obedient dog suitable for the shooting field, working tests or just to show off to friends and family, please contact us.  These skills are a way of building confidence and giving you something to aim for on the road to having a well trained Pet Gundog whilst having fun!  

You will have help and support all through these classes/courses and you can have use of the training areas to practice when available. 

The initial course is 4 x 1 hour 30 minutes and will be held fortnightly, (over 8 weeks). The cost of the course is £80. On average it can take 2 courses, sometimes 3, to advance onto the next level if you wish to work through levels.  You can work through beginners to advanced level if you wish, although again not essential.  

You will receive a welcome pack, vouchers and treats. 

It is also recommended that handlers have a copy of 'The Pet Gun Dog' by Lez Graham. You would also require along with yourself and your dog, a whistle, toys, slip lead, dummy/Lez Graham Retriever Roll, and for the end of the course a dummy bag/carrier or training vest (although we can supply if required). We have these items in our training shop.

I would therefore be grateful if you would fill in the registration form below , return and sign it if you wish to proceed with booking.  

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Nettlehurst Puppy School, Dog Training & Nettlehurst Gundogs.

You call us on 07773385510 or 07976124633. You can also email us at 

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