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By booking, you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions, including, but not limited to:

- Please keep dogs on leads at all times unless otherwise instructed by your trainer
- You are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your dog during classes
- Please respect the personal space of other dogs at all times and ensure you stand an an appropriate distance until advised by your trainer. Please do not allow your dog to jump on other dogs or their handlers. During off lead play, you will be required to monitor your dog at all times.
- You must adhere to your trainer's instructions at all times.
- Your dog must be fully vaccinated and not be suffering from any infectious disease that could be transmitted to other dogs. - You are required to inform your trainer before your course is your dog is in season
- Nettlehurst Puppy School & Training Academy uses reward based training and any harsh handling will NOT be allowed under any circumstances. Our trainers reserve the right to request any persons to leave the premises or cease the session if they are abusive to any other person or dog.
- We do not allow prong or choke chain collars, slip leads or extendible leads in classes.
- Please ensure you bring dog treats to the class or your dogs favourite toy. We aim to have some treats during classes some both free and for sale.
- Any accidents must be reported immediately to your trainer.
- Parking is at the risk of the car owner/driver and Nettlehurst Puppy School & Training Academy accept no liability for any damage or liability caused to vehicles before, during and after training classes.
- Payment is made in full during booking. There is no right of cancellation or refund after a class begins.
- We reserve the right to change the content, timing, dates or instructor.
- If a booking is cancelled due to weather, we will let attendees know as soon as reasonably possible. We accept no liability for any losses or expenses arising from amendments to courses or cancellations.
- By agreeing to our terms and conditions upon booking, you give us permission to publish in print, electronic or video format the likeness or image of you and your dog. You release all claims against us with respect to privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright ownership and publication, including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials.

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